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Thursday, June 23, 2011

In honor of a friend I never met

So just  a quick post in honor of a friend I never met but who changed my life and the life of my daughter.  When looking for a way, ANY WAY, to feed my baby and have her "tolerate" her feeds, I found the Blenderized Diet Yahoo Group.  It gave me the information and more importantly to feed Reide REAL food.  It was the beginning of the end for Reide's need to be tube fed.  Anyway, my friend, Eric, is a middle-aged man who lives in Austrailia and tubefeeds himself as a result of a debilitating illness that has been slowly killing him.  I just got done reading his latest couple of blogs and have finally stopped crying long enough to type this.  He is dying quickly now and will not be here much longer.  He is facing his pain and eventual death bravely and continues to help tubers when he can manage his pain long enough to type.  Anyway.  My heart is heavy for he and his wife tonight.  I'm fairly certain he isn't a Christian and isn't saved which makes my heart break even more.  This man has touched so many of us "tube moms" and has given unbelievable amounts of time and energy into making REAL food for tubies a possiblility.  His dedication is unmatched and likely never will be matched.

So to my friend, Eric, thank you.  You'll NEVER know what you did for my family, for my baby.  I am eternally grateful.

(Eric subsequently started and a FB group for Blenderized Diet Tubies.)