Easter pictures 2011

Hadley "Reide" Oakes

Our sweet daughter, Reide, is the inspiration behind blogging.  We had a veeerrrryyyy long first year and are hopefully moving past the hardest part,  Hadley "Reide" Oakes just turned one on November 4, 2010.  She is a spunky, lively, sassy, funny, smiley angel!  Reide is also 100% tube fed through gastrostomy tube (aka g-tube, button, mic-key, peg tube, peg).  A perfectly "normal", "healthy" fed??? Ah yes, much to our horror our little girl has had severe reflux since birth, which long-story-short resulted in her minimizing her eating.  She would eat an ounce here, two ounces there, a sip here, a sip there....little bits, all day....resulting in an average of 13oz/day.  Yes people, I said AVERAGE! 

LOOOONNNNGGGGG story made WAAAAYYYYY short:  Her g-tube and Nissen fundoplication were done on June 15, 2010 when Reide was approximately 7months old.

So this blog contains the details of OUR LIFE and the trials of having a tube fed, orally aversive baby.  We're planning to attempt to wean her off her feeding tube and will begin the process 3 days from now.  ***BIG, giant, deep sigh.***  Wish us luck!